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Time Is Money

  • Let's face facts...Time is Money!  Regardless of the size of your company, as the owner, manager or department head we all recognize this simple truth.  Whether it is making you money or costing you money, time reflects itself as dollars and cents, which directly affects your bottom line.
  • At Millwork Details & Technology, our goal is to spend our time helping you make your time more productive.



  • No matter who you are, as an owner or manager, you have to pay someone to do the work.  Even if you do the work yourself, there is a cost associated with the time you spend accomplishing tasks.
  • We believe that because of our experience and expertise in the Millwork/Casework industry, we can do the job quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy.  That increases your level of productivity, and reflects itself positively - right to the bottom line!



  • Millwork Details & Technology offers many production and consulting services.  We supply submittal drawings, production drawings, casework & fixture engineering as well as Microvellum training, Library configuration, custom product design, integration, installation overhauls, and AutoCAD guidance.
  • Each service is as individual as you and the company you represent.  We don't want to charge you for a custom reception desk when all you need are institutional boxes.
  • It is to our advantage to ensure that you get your project done ON TIME and UNDER BUDGET!  Please tell us what you want to spend and when you need it; we will move forward from there!
  • Don't be fooled by other freelance drafters who will quote you a dollars-per-hour value that is cheaper than what you pay your own in house people!  The fact of the matter is, they are either inflating the number of hours per project, or they are not really going to be able to provide you with the Quality or Professionalism that you really want for your project.
  • We are always willing to give you a quote.  Just contact our office during normal business hours or send Julie an e-mail at any time and let us know what you need.
  • Pricing for training or on-site consultation is always available by contacting our office.  We CAN get your engineering department up and running, and making you money!  References are available upon request.
  • The bottom line is this...call us for whatever outsourcing needs you may have and try us.  We believe that you will find our services to be worth every penny and much, much more!



  • Our lead times and training schedule can vary, so please get in touch with us sooner rather than later.
  • Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm CST.  Feel free to contact us by phone during those hours, and of course, you can reach us 24/7 by email.
  • In addition to accepting your company check, we gladly accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Let us know if you would like to use a credit card and an online account will be created just for your company.